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Day 14: Christchurch

Christchurch seems to be a very fitting last stop on my journey to explore future focused learning. Talk about a city having to reinvent, reimagine, and recreate itself for the future! In this city, in the midst of rubble, ruin, and abandon, you see so much creativity, imagination, innovation, and whimsy. If there were a city in the world that embodies "growth mindset," this city would probably be it.

Christchurch has endured a long process of rebuilding since a major earthquake in 2011. A recent 2016 earthquake caused additional set-back. There is construction EVERYWHERE in this city and crews seems to work day and night! People I have talked to describe progress as slow because there aren't even enough construction companies and crews to keep up with the demand. Walking around the city, progress is evident and you not only feel what this city must have been like previously but you also get a sense of what an amazing city it will be again...future focused and reflectiv…

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