So Now What??

I returned from New Zealand almost 2 months ago, enjoyed a restorative summer break, and now the new school year has begun. After ALL that I learned about future focused education in Australia and New Zealand, I find myself now what???
  • What do I do with this information? 
  • How can I apply my learnings to my own practice? 
  • How can I put collaborative teaching practices in place with my colleagues?
  • How do I update my classroom learning environment to reflect the Modern Learning Environments (MLEs) I observed?
  • How do I continue to share this experience with anyone and everyone who will listen?
I find that once I get immersed in the head-spinning "busyness" that is the job of teaching, my greater goals often take the backset to the day-to-day tasks. To keep my goals in the forefront of my mind, I plan to use this blog as a way to continue reflecting on and sharing what I have learned about future forward learning. I will also share specific examples of how I am implementing them in my own practice, in my school learning environment, with my fellow teachers, and of course, with my future focused learners. I will use the questions that I set out to explore in my trip to Australia and New Zealand as a guide. You can find these questions here.

Stay tuned to see my ideas take flight!!

The outside of my 2017-18 classroom...Designed with ALL Post-its!


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